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Can I fit to my Existing Boiler, Absolutely No Way

This is extremely dangerous and we urge people not to try this, many unscrupulous Dealers will sell you a burner for this application but will fail to tell you the dangers off fitting one to your boiler. We have heard of fire damage to boilers & property but thankfully no deaths, put your family first, think safety.

All of these domestic boilers are designed for Diesel, Gas or Kerosene only and must not be used with other fuels.

The Engineers in Firebird Boilers, Grant Boilers, & Warm flow Boilers etc will tell you under no circumstances to fit these burners to their Boilers. If unsure contact your boiler manufacturer, our company turned down 20% of sales in this sector, think safety.

The problem caused by this application is the burner chambers are too small to accommodate the flame. The flame penetrates the back of the boiler very severally causing the boiler to expand and contract rapidly which in turn will warp and crack the boilers, when heating up the water jacket so quickly and cooling down quickly causes a scaling effect on the steel allowing partials of rust & steel to enter your heating system, resulting in deposits of this material blocking your radiators or under floor heating. In a lot of cases these deposits cannot be flushed from the system and will need to be replaced, so a cheap option long term is not viable.

With this type of small boiler you will only capture 50% of heat from your oil, as there is not enough surface area in these boilers and smaller water content then a waste oil boiler you will also have a lot of extra maintenance every 80/100 hours due to ash & unburned oil building up in the boiler which is a fire hazard, there is no swing open door for checking the burner chamber or for setting your burner flame.

With Small Combustion chambers you will get a lot of failures with burner not starting and sometimes starting and stopping repeatedly due to build up of smoke in the chamber blinding the photo cell. The heat build up in the small chamber passes back into the burner housing after the burner turns off causing photocell to get distorted and also hardens and carbonises the nozzle, causing failures.


This is what can happen if things go wrong, ask us for advice before it to late



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