Waste Oil Burners are based in Co Cavan Ireland and supply a range of Oil Burners and Boilers to the industrial and domestic markets, in Ireland and the UK since 2004


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Ten most frequently asked questions

Q1, Is there a lot of Smoke from the Unit?

A, Absolutely Not our Burners & Boilers burn very cleanly, In fact they burn as clean as Kerosene or Diesel Burners. They leave a clean white coloured ash in the boiler due to burning the gases twice at very high temperature in the large combustion chamber.

Q2, How often do I need to clean the Boiler/ Heat Exchanger?

A, You can expect to clean the unit every 700/800 hours depending on the fuel used. This will take 15/20 minutes. The Boiler/ Heat Exchange has a swing open door from left to right hand side & quick release rear panel, you do not need to remove the burner from the unit to service it. The nozzles block can be cleaned or removed with burner in place; pre-heater tank has a flush valve fitted for washing the tank.

Q3, Are there Relays or Ball Floats used in the burner?

A, Absolutely NOT, relays are not reliable as the contacts wear out very fast. We do not use ball floats in our units because they carbonize & stick causing oil to over flow. This is the biggest defect in our competitorís models. We only use 16amp switch gear with over flow protection as standard.

Q4, How much Fuel will it burn in 1 Hour?

A, Our 45KW unit will use approx 3.5Ltr / PH due to the large amount of surface area in the boiler/ heat exchanger.

Q5, Do I need a Compressor?

A, All of our burners can be manufactured with or without Compressor.

Q6, Do you carry Spare Parts?

A, Yes, we carry all spare parts for our units & they are also available in some larger retailers in Ireland & the UK. Unlike imported units you are not waiting weeks for a part to arrive if needed.

Q7, Does the unit have a wet floor base?

A, Our Units have wet floor base to ensure even heating of the boiler eliminating hot stops which damage most boilers causing them to leak or bust. Wet based Boilers are strongest for Long term performance & reliability.

Q8, Why are the Boilers/ Heat Exchangers much larger than domestic units?

A, Used oils have a much higher flash point when the oil is vaporised the tiny droplets carry further & wider into the firing chamber giving a much slower burn with a larger Hotter Flame.

Q9, Can I leave my old boiler in place?

A, Yes we recommend you leave your old boiler in place and interconnect the new boiler to it. This way if you run short of waste oils you have a second source of heat.

Q10, Will the Burner use regular Heating Oils?

A, yes our Burner will use Kerosene / Diesel or Bio Diesel or Waste Oils


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