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Welcome to Waste Oil Burners and Boilers Ireland

Can I fit to my Existing Boiler ?

Many unscrupulous Dealers will sell you a burner for this application but will fail to tell you the dangers of fitting one to your existing boiler. We have heard of fire damage to boilers & property but thankfully no deaths, put your family first, think safety. Read More

Is the burning of Multi-Fuel dangerous and does it pollute the air?

Absolutely not! Multi-Fuel burners we sell burn oil as clean as a light oil burner or better. Our burners are designed to burn: Vegetable oils, used engine oils, transmission & hydraulic oils, Extra light fuel oil, light and medium heavy fuel oil,tallow and other combustible liquids.

The patented technology allows the burning of Multi-Fuels regardless of viscosity or flash point. The preheater heats the oil to a temperature where all oils reach the same viscosity. The oil is sprayed by compressed air at a relatively low pressure. This allows the use of larger nozzles which do not get blocked even if soiled or semi fluid oils are used.

All of our waste oil burner and boiler components are modular in design such that they can be changed out easily if there is a failure, offering complete peace of mind

How much fuel do I need in a Waste Oil Burner?

Consumption of fuel depends on a few factors such as: size of your building , wanted temperature, outdoor temperature, insulation of your building, and the size of your boiler. You may require a permit to burn certain fuels.1 liter of Multi-Fuel is equivalent to 10-11 kw of thermal heat. Consumption of Multi-Fuel burners MFB1 and MFB2 is approximately 5 liters/hour . That is 55 kw/h .

When the burner reaches the preferred temperature, the thermostat switches off the burner and switches it on again when temperature drops below preferred temperature. In some cases it is necessary to add diesel to the mix of synthetic oils (Approx. 10%) to increase flash point.

Power Saver Technology

Our preheating system only preheats the oil when the burner gets power-on signal and when it reaches the desired temperature, burner ignites automatically. Therefore you get no carbonisation of the oil in the preheating tank. Burner Shuts on and off automatically when boiler reaches desired temperature.The Range of temperatures on the Boiler are from 25C / 85C. The Preheating tank is stainless steel therefore no corosion of tank is possible.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why choose us?

Our burners are made of high quality parts available in Europe such as: Siemens, Delavan, Suntec, Danfoss, Aaco motors, Radionics, GAST, Hawk air pumps, Muller, Gates Fittings, Treccia Pipework and Fag Stainless Steel Oil Filters.

We offer hi-quality products, warranty, experienced personnel. And a full range of spare parts are always available.

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