Waste Oil Burners are based in Co Cavan Ireland and supply a range of Oil Burners and Boilers to the industrial and domestic markets, in Ireland and the UK since 2004


Phone: +353 (0)86 8788182        Email: info@wasteoil.ie

Multi Fuel Baffle Plate Boilers


  1. Heating Chamber
  2. Water Cooled Tubes
  3. Hot Water
  4. Gas Flue
  5. Opening for cleaning
  6. Flow line
  7. Return line
  8. Upper Filling Door
  9. Lower Door for Filling or Cleaning
  10. Burner Mounting Plate
  11. Stand
  12. Boiler Insulation
  13. Boiler casing
  14. Draught Regulator Opening
  15. Automatic Air Vent
  16. Opening for Cleaning
  17. Water Fill Tap
  18. Ash Pan


  • Suitable for residential premises, production plants, large workshops, showrooms and other large buildings
  • Integarted damper control.
  • High quality insulation prevents against heat loss;
  • Boiler is equipped with control panel for burner controlling;
  • Working temperatures (up to 110 degrees)
  • Easy access to all parts of heating chamber which facilitates boiler cleaning
  • Temperature readout for in-boiler water temperature
  • Warranty period is 5 years
  • All power ranges from 45 Kw can be produced on request

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